Hair Transplantation

Today, there are new technologies to have a natural hair transplant. FUE is the best modern hair transplant technique. We perform hair transplant operations with the FUE technique in Euro Istanbul.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE Hair Transplantation (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a procedure that extracts hair follicles from the back of head and is transplanted into the frontal part. FUE is a process that involves extracting grafts using a micromotor and reimplanting them in the desired areas using Sapphire or DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) techniques.

Advantages ofHair Transplantation in Turkey

There has been remarkable demand for hair transplantation recently as in all health care services in Turkey. The most apparent reasons are the high-quality service, competitive prices, competent doctors and health care personnel at the clinics in Turkey.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey perform ten times more operations than their counterparts in Europe or America. Other sub-sectors serving hair transplant surgeons have been highly developed over the years. Hair transplant prices in Turkey correspond to one-quarter of the USA, Canada and Gulf countries and one third of Europe.

Additionally, Istanbul is one of the most important tourism destinations. Therefore, it offers sightseeing and cultural trip opportunities for patients.

All-inclusive hair transplantation packages prevent patients from dealing with other unnecessary work (accommodation, transfer, etc.) and allow them to concentrate on their treatments.

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    Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant


    Although new techniques have been developed recently, the Sapphire technique remains the most recommended and used technique.

    The V-shape of the Sapphire blades provides precise, tiny, and clean holes on the scalp. This feature ensures a successful natural-looking transplant.

    The smoothness of Sapphire blades is also a major advantage. Unlike the old metal blades, Sapphire blades do not lose their sharpness during the procedure. Therefore, it causes less damage to the skin tissues and provides painless, faster and safer healing and scarring.

    The antibacterial Sapphire blades mean that there is no risk of damaging the blood during the operation. Therefore, the risk of infections and postoperative pain is significantly low.

    Sapphire Hair TransplantProcedure Stages


    The first step is to extract the follicles. During this step, performed under local anaesthesia, we extract the follicles from the donor area, which is the crown.

    The doctors prefer the extraction from this area because the follicles of the hypocritic crown are not damaged by hormonal disorders and remain intact by keeping their density. The extracted follicles are kept in a special thermal solution at a specific temperature.

    The second step is the most important involving the transplant process. The doctor opens tiny holes on the scalp.

    This step is very delicate and decisive. Therefore, it should be performed by an experienced and certified surgeon.

    For the best result, each hole should match the angle and depth of the patient’s natural hair growth line.

    The third and final step is placing the grafts into the holes. Once the transplant is complete, the donor area will be covered to prevent swelling.

    The patient should follow the post-operative instructions and can return home safely.

    The procedure lasts between 6 and 8 hours. Each step takes about 2 hours.

    Hair Transplant Without Shaving with DHI


    As in FUE Sapphire, even with the DHI hair transplant technique, the operation can be performed avoiding the complete shaving of the patient’s hair. (only the donor area is shaved, where the bulbs are extracted)

    However, it depends on the case of the patient, as it is NOT always advisable to proceed without shaving. A patient who has a simple receding hairline or open localized thinning will have the option to proceed without shaving all the hair.

    Alternatively, if the patient has a general thickening and has already hair, it is recommended to completely shave the hair. This will allow the surgeon to operate with a better vision, create more channels and not risk ruining the hair already present. Furthermore, it is preferable to proceed with shaving to prevent the patient from involuntarily scratching the new bulbs during the hair washing in the first 12 days following the surgery.

    What is the main difference between theSapphire Method and the DHI Method?

    As the name suggests, DHI, Direct Hair Implantation: DIRECT HAIR IMPLANT. That means the surgeon can open the channels directly at the moment of the implanting in a single maneuver.

    The surgeon, once the bulbs have been taken, inserts them individually into the implanter pen which will then be used to graft each bulb directly, opening the channel and simultaneously grafting bulb by bulb through a single and simple "click" of the implanter pen!

    Once a nib is used, it is immediately refilled with another bulb by the team assisting the surgeon. For an operation, approximately 5-6 nibs are used, which are constantly recharged by the rotating team, thus ensuring the surgeon always has one loaded at the end of each graft.

    Generally with the Sapphire hair transplant it is possible to perform up to 5000 / 6000 follicular units, although this always depends on the case history and the donor area of the patient concerned.

    However, the DHI method takes longer than the normal FUE and hardly allows for grafts higher than 3000 - 3500 follicular units.

    The DHI technique is suggested by the specialist in cases where there is internal thinning and/or receding hairline requiring greater precision.

    This technique is more expensive than FUE because it requires a different medical equipment and qualified and experienced surgeons.

    DHI Hair Transplant

    Procedure Stages

    The first step is always the same. It is the collection of hair follicles to be transplanted.

    The second and the last step includes creating the channels and simultaneously transplanting the grafts with the help of the choi-pen. Once the transplant is complete, the donor area will be covered to prevent swelling.


    Hair Transplantation For Ladies


    Hair transplantation for women is performed the same way in men. However, total shaving of the hair is avoided for aesthetic reasons.

    Women also experience hair loss and thin hair, albeit in a smaller percentage. Therefore many female subjects choose hair transplant surgery. The most common reasons include anti-aesthetic hair thinning or alopecia. These problems cause psychological problems since the hair is fundamental for women that represent femininity. Except for rare situations (such as total alopecia) it is possible to solve these problems.

    When men have hair transplant operations, they mostly shave their hair. These do not create problems as it is not strange for a man to shave their hair. However, hair shaving could create aesthetic discomfort. For this reason, when women have this operation, only a small “window” in the donor area is shaved, and the surgeon extracts the graft from this small area.

    Hair Transplant


    When the surgery is over, the patient gets a hair wash to remove any residual fluid and some skin bloodstains.

    During the first 24 hours, the patient may notice redness in the treated areas. This is normal, and the redness will fade away within a few hours.

    In some cases, swelling may also occur, but it will disappear without any problems. If the patient feels any pain, it is possible to take painkillers.

    The next day, doctors do a routine medical check-up to confirm that everything is all right. The patient is informed how to get the first hair wash which should be done in 48 hours following the operation.

    It is important to avoid stinging, scratcing and touching the head in the first days.

    The patient will be clearly informed about after care. We also set up personalized follow-up for each patient with our customer service. The country manager will be at your disposal for all necessary information.

    Hair Transplant

    Healing and Results


    Recovery from FUE surgery is faster and completely painless.

    It heals within ten to fifteen days, and all remaining crusts fall off during this period.

    Correct and good recovery firstly depends on the hair wash. For this reason, it is important that the hair wash is done properly, and that you do not skip any steps.

    The hair wash products will be provided in the clinic. The foam is applied directly to the planted areas and left on the head for 30 minutes, then the shampoo is applied directly on the foam and rinsed with warm water, never using a direct jet such as a shower.

    It is preferable to pour the water into a container and then gently pour it over the hair. Do not rub vigorously, massage gently with your fingertips and rinse.

    These washes should be repeated every day. The first wash will be done 48 hours after the operation. It should be done correctly so that the crusts can shed within fifteen days, and allow the scalp to grow new hair.

    When the crusts are left longer, it will block the outflow of hair resulting in negative consequences. The hair will decrease in number and become less thick.

    The donor area will have redness for the first few days, but in most cases, it disappears with repeated hair regrowth within a few weeks.

    Although rare, the redness may persist longer, and the hair may take longer to grow. In these cases, you need to be patient, and the donor area will be back to normal in a few months.

    In these cases, natural aloe vera can be applied to relieve redness and itching. If the doctor finds it necessary, cutaneous minoxidil can be applied to stimulate hair growth.

    After washing for fifteen days, the crusts will fall off, and the hair will begin to grow.

    Hair will grow up in one to two months and then fall out, this stage is called SHOCK LOSS. Shock shedding affects 95% of patients. This happens because the first hairs are the weakest and easily fall off.

    Hair will grow back in three to four months during the first year.

    Although it varies from patient to patient, it is possible to see the first results following six to eight months.

    For 100% results, it is necessary to be patient and wait until twelve to eighteen months.

    Before & After Photos

    Hair Transplant

    Hair Care and Supplements

    After care should be coupled with quality products and a healthy diet.

    Not every patient should be on medication for life after surgery, but each patient should be evaluated by the doctor.

    In most cases, the doctors recommend additional supplements (not drugs). These supplements are useful for good hair care and prevent a possible loss of hair. These supplements are biotin, green tea, folic acid, ginseng, and zinc.

    How does FUE hair transplant work?

    Hair transplantation consists of extracting follicles from the donor area of the patient using a micromotor and having them transplanted into his recipient area to cover the bald areas.

    Is FUE hair transplant painful?

    No, FUE hair transplant is not painful, it is painless. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient does not feel any pain.

    Is hair transplantation dangerous?

    No, hair transplantation is a safe procedure. We do not use any chemical additives during the operation.

    Can FUE hair transplant fail?

    Hair transplantation is a safe and effective operation. The success rate of the FUE transplant is about 95%. The risk of failure is almost non-existent.

    How long is the procedure for FUE hair transplant?

    The duration of the hair transplant depends on the condition of the patient and the number of grafts to be transplanted. Generally, the operation lasts between six to eight hours.

    How long is the hair transplant recovery period?

    After a week, there won’t be any visible scar, and no one can say that you have undergone a hair transplant.The patient can resume his daily life.

    How many grafts are needed for hair transplantation?

    The number of grafts needed for a hair transplant depends on patient. Usually, it is 3500 and 5000 grafts.

    What are the risks associated with hair transplantation?

    The risks are almost none. Usually, these are postoperative infections. The patient is recommended to properly apply postoperative hair care to prevent any infections.

    What is FUE Sapphire hair transplant?

    FUE Sapphire transplant is a hair transplantation technique. It is the most recommended and preferred technique by specialists. The Sapphire blades allow us to have a spot on approach and subsequently delivers satisfying results.

    Is it possible to use body hair in a hair transplant?

    If the donor area of the patient is not dense enough or sufficient, it is possible to use hairs from different parts of the body.

    Is it possible to the beard hair?

    Yes, technically it is possible to use the beard area. However, there will be quality mismatch between the two hair types.

    Is it necessary to shave your hair before hair transplantation?

    It all depends on the patient. Some patients can go to the transplant without being shaved, and others are shaved.

    Is it possible to take a shower after a hair transplant?

    Our clinic provides a hair care kit provides after the transplant, and it is recommended to wash the operated areas everyday for fourty days. You need to use cold water.

    Is it possible to wear a cap after hair transplantation?

    The patient can start towear a cap from the second or third week. However, it is not recommended to wear tight caps due to the fragility of the area.

    Can women have a hair transplant?

    Yes, women are also susceptible to hair loss because of some external or hormonal factors. The best solution is hair transplantation.

    What is the success rate of hair transplantation?

    Hair transplantation is a safe and effective procedure. The success rate is about 95%.

    When to resume sports activities after hair transplantation?

    It is recommended to resume sports activities after a month following the hair transplantation.

    When to resume swimming after a hair transplant?

    You need to wait at least a month to swim following the operation. It is even better to wait more than a month to avoid any risk of infection.

    When to resume sexual intercourse after a hair transplant?

    It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse in the first days or even the first week. Sexual intercourse can cause bleeding.

    When to return to work after hair transplantation?

    Patients can return to work after a week following the procedure.

    Can the transplanted hair fall out?

    From the second week, you can have hair loss. Do not worry. This is normal and called -shock loss-. The re-grown hairs will be permanent.

    Who is it for?

    Anyone suffering from hair loss is eligible for hair transplantation.

    When does new hair begin to grow after hair transplantation?

    Hair growth should begin in the third month. In this period, permanent regrowth will begin to appear. The growth continues for the next twelve months. It is necessary to wait at least eighteen months for a final result.

    Pre-treatment FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do after I decide to have a treatment?

    You should book the flight, send us a copy of the booking, and confirm arrival by paying partial advance payment. The rest of the payment should be paid before the operation.

    Will someone meet me at the airport?

    Yes, the Euro Istanbul provides a VIP vehicle for the transfer (airport-hotel-hospital).

    What kind of hotel will I stay?

    The Euro Istanbul offers 5 star hotel accommodation including breakfast with swimming pool, spa, gym, Turkish bath.

    How can I communicate with hospital personnel during my operation?

    You will be accompanied by an interpreter throughout your stay and during the operation.

    in TurkeyHair Transplant Prices

    FUE Sapphire
    Hair Transplant
    • 3 nights accommodation at 5 star hotel including breakfast.
    • Personal drivers for each trip.
    • Interpreter in the clinic
    • Medical examination
    • Blood analysis
    • FUE intervention. SAPPHIRE (max graft up to 6.000)
    • Basic product kit (1 shampoo and 1 lotion)
    • Official warranty
    Hair Transplant
    • 3 nights accommodation at 5 star hotel including breakfast.
    • Personal drivers for each trip.
    • Interpreter in the clinic
    • Medical examination
    • Blood analysis
    • FUE intervention. DHI (max graft up to 4.000)
    • Basic product kit (1 shampoo and 1 lotion)
    • Official warranty

    All Prices

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    How Does

    The Process Work?

    1)When you contact us by filling in a form on our website, online or by telephone, our representative will inform you about the whole process, operation and prices.
    2) Our representative will ask you to send us some photos to do a preliminary check.
    3) If you are fit for the operation, all you have to do is decide on the date of the operation.
    4) Once you book the appointment, we need you to submit your flight booking.
    5) You need to make an advance payment to confirm your arrival.
    6) Our driver will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel.
    7) In the event of an emergency, we will provide contact details in which you can reach us 24 hours a day.
    8) On the day of the operation, we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the clinic. Our representatives will guide you throughout the operation and will meet all your needs.
    9) After the operation, the driver will take you to the hotel where you will have to rest until the following day.
    10) The next day, the bandages will be removed.
    11) 48 hours after the operation, i.e. on the 3rd day, you will be taken back to the hospital for the first washing.
    12) You are now ready to go home and carry on with your life.
    Hair Transplantation

    Treatment Summary

    Operation Time
    6-8 Hours
    Local Anesthesia
    First 15 Days
    Back to Work
    The Next Week
    Complete Healing
    12 Months

    OtherHair Transplant Services

    fue hair-transplantation

    FUE Hair Transplant

    Today, there are new technologies to have a natural hair transplant. FUE is the best modern hair transplant technique. We perform hair transplant operations with the FUE technique in Euro Istanbul.

    Beard Transplant

    A beard transplant is the process of collecting follicles from the donor area (back of the head or under the chin) and re-implanting them in the jawline, neckline, chin, cheek, and sideburns.

    Eyebrow Transplant

    An eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure where hair grafts are collected from the back of the head and transferred to the brow area. Our specialist will set a consultation where the patient expresses the expectations of the procedure.

    PRP Hair Treatment

    The nutritional components in the composition of the plasma treatment such as keratinocytes and other epithelial growth factors deliver excellent results such as thickening, volume and growth of freshly transplanted hair follicles.
    Hair Transplantation

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